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Reuse-A-Mold- Evil Genius Reusable Mold! Re-Melt-Re-Use!

Reuse-A-Mold WILL Pay For Itself! - Just Re-Melt & Re-Use Over & Over!

Just like the name suggests. This Food Safe Molding Compound can be used, remelted, and used again to cast molds for Chocolate, Fondant, Modelling Chocolate, designer Ice Cubes, just about anything you want.

This stuff is incredible!!! The Evil Cake Genius has spent a lot of money on Food Grade Mold products in her life, and has a junk drawer full of bizarre molds that she "maybe one day will use again". But those days are OVER!!! Meet our new favorite invention...Evil Cake Genius Reuse-A-Mold and stop wasting money on cases upon cases of molding compound! It's as easy as this... 1) Secure the thingy you want to cast a mold from to the bottom of a heat proof container with double face tape and spray with cooking spray. 2) Microwave the Reuse-a-Mold until it's liquid. 3) Pour Reuse-a-Mold over the thingy. 4) Allow the Reuse-a-Mold to cool back to room temperature. 5) Pop out the thingy and use the mold with Chocolate, Fondant, Modelling Chocolate, whatever your little heart's desire 6) Need to mold a different object for another job? Easy!! Cut apart the Reuse-a-Mold mold and melt it in the Microwave and cast a brand new mold! This stuff can be re-used up 35 times! And it is Food Safe! The Evil Cake Genius says "you're welcome".

Not usable for Hard Candy or Isomalt, that stuff's just way too hot!!!

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