Acrylic Stenciling: The Evil Cake Genius Method

Let's take a trip to 2009. The ECG was in her 13th year of cake decorating. She had just started creating custom stencils for cakes, and was feeling pretty smart. After all, they saved a ton of time, and the result looked better than hand-piping or piecing together fondant pieces. It was 7:00p.m. and she was stenciling the last tier of a ginormous 5 tier (15 layer) wedding cake, when the stencil caught on the edge of her palette knife, and she smeared black royal icing all the way across the front of a white tier. After a desperate attempt to clean up the smear, and a few choice expletives, she finally gave up, stripped the tier of its fondant and started over. But not before a game-changing idea hit her. Walking back into the kitchen with a mouth full of consolation chocolate, she noticed a roll of tulle sitting on her shelf. She stretched the tulle over the stencil, and had one of her minions hold the edges tight around the back side of the cake, and the rest is cakey history. Since that day, she has shared this technique for stenciling with anyone who would listen, and even developed mesh stencils on the same principal, but whenever she wants the raised look of an acrylic stencil without the hassle, she uses this method: 

 And now we've added a full line of Mix and Match Monogram Sets to our line so you can incorporate a perfect monogram into any tier while you're stenciling it!  Our new Versailles Stencil Collection is the latest collection to feature this Genius technique


 And it just so happens to be so chic, it would make Louis XIV week in his little pantalooned knees. Mon Dieu!

Looking for that edible metallic Gold paint that we used on this cake?  Check out the entire line of them HERE:

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