10 DIY (and one you can't) Holiday Treats

10 DIY (and one you can't) Holiday Treats
July 29, 2022

10 DIY (and one you can't) Holiday Treats

It's that time of the year again! Time to make Christmas & Holiday treats soooo tasty and beautiful that everybody wishes they were you, can't believe how awesome you are and would sell their soul for one tenth of your obvious taste, elegance and culinary genius. Hang on... what's that? Oh yeah, it's also the season of giving. Giving other people holiday treats that will make their eyeballs, tastebuds and heads metaphorically explode with joy. So, let's go!

#1) Stenciled & Striped Holiday Cakes

Spoiler: This is the only actual Cake on our list. We know you all know how to decorate some killer holiday cakes already, but we've made your life even easier! Our new Holiday Stripe Stencils coordinate perfectly with some of our favorite Two Tone Stripe Combs. Each stencil lists the combs that they line up with in their product description, but to be honest, they're cute enough on their own. To stripe, or not to stripe...that is a question that each Evil Cake Minion must decide for themselves. But c'mon... this is the holidays. If not now, when? If not you, who? If not this, what? Well... keep reading and find out! Click here for more info on these fun cakes!

Holiday Stripe Stencils

#2) Almond or Peppermint (or whatever you want) Bark

This Christmas Gifting Standard has never been easier now that Mercken's and Clasen's have developed Chocolate Coating that requires NO TEMPERING, and still has the rich texture and taste of a fine chocolate. Melt it in the microwave, mix in nuts, crushed candy canes, dried fruit, beef jerky, doritos (well maybe not ANYTHING, but we won't judge), whatever gourmet option you like, spread it on parchment, then break it up. Simple. But skip the parchment, and replace it with one of our gorgeous Chocolate Transfer Sheets, and you've just WON THE HOLIDAYS!!! Click here for our Peppermint Bark Video and all the stuff you need for this project.

Almond & Peppermint Bark

#3) Super Cool Cookies Made with Karen Davies Moulds

These moulds are absolutely genius... and you KNOW we love genius things around here. Check out the video below, THEN click here for our super swell "Gnome for the Holidays" video featuring our Nordic Gnome mould AND get Karen Davies Perfect Sugar Cookie recipe! Yes!

Karen Davies Cookie Moulds

#4) Mug Huggers! Nothing screams holiday fun like making weird little houses!

All kidding aside, these things are SO DARN CUTE you just wanna eat 'em up!! Well, DUH! You're in luck because that's what you're supposed to do. If anyone makes enough of these to build a small post WWII pre-fab suburban neighborhood and lets their dog go ham on it, we WILL refund your money (video proof required). For $11.99, what are you waiting for? See product here.

Mug Huggers

#5) Christmas Tree Petit Fours

Ok, ok. Deep breath... These are SO [email protected]#!ing good that they should be outlawed. We happen to be connoisseurs of ALL the Little Debbie Snack Cake varieties. That's right. Not ashamed. They're good. Real good. Even the Christmas Tree shaped ones you can get in April for 1/2 off are killer. If you don't know what they are, we'll add you to our prayer list. Don't want us praying for you? We don't blame you. Just click on the link above. Anyway, if you make these Petit Four Trees the way we tell you, you WILL make Little Debbie look like a BIG smelly head. Oh, and they will probably be the most requested treat next year, and the next, and... More info and Shop for what you need here.

More Info, Video & Shop

#6) Advent Calendar Cookies - Better Hurry!

Countdowns are great. Edible countdowns are even better. Edible countdowns you can give as a gift are the BEST. Edible countdowns you can give as a gift to your friends AND friend's dogs? Well, that's as close to heaven as you're going to get. This wicked genius little set ticks all the boxes and we'll show you how to do it. Go here for details.

Advent Cookies

#7) Chocolate Truffles & Bon Bons

If you don't like people asking "how did you make these??" or "is your last name Hershey?" or "what are you doing Saturday night?" or... well you get the idea. If you follow the directions, these are going to look and taste as good as ANYTHING you buy at any of those swanky gourmet chocolate shops. Difference is, you're going to add that extra ingredient... a little dash of you. You really are special, aren't you? Get everything you need to be the coolest kid on the block here.

More Info, Video & Shop

#8) 3D Stackable Christmas Tree Cake

Yeah, yeah. All you smarty heads that actually pay attention and remember stuff... first off, how do you? Because, hang on a sec... uh, anyway, second off, we know this is kinda like a cake and we said there was only one on the list. Good memory. You got us. BUT this isn't a traditional cake, it is however really easy AND super cool. Also, our deal about your dog going ham on a neighborhood of mug huggers... same deal here. Just make a forest and dress your dog up like Paul Bunyan. Oh yeah, you'll be getting the mold free AND a gift certificate. Confused? Scroll up and read #4. Get everything you need and more info for these "cakes" here.

3D Stackable Trees

#9) Cocoa Bombs

You know how you can't say "bomb" in an airport? Well this ain't no airport and the only thing about to be blown are minds. Your mind when you realize how cool, easy and tasty these are. Your friends' minds when they have to shield their eyes lest they be blinded from the heavenly beauty of your handiwork. Then BAM! Whatever is left of their blown mind will be blown again when they realize there's a party in their mouth and everyone is invited. We've got ALL KINDS of Cocoa Bomb ideas, and ingredients. Go here to check 'em all out.

more info on cocoa bombs

#10) Soooooo Many Cookie Options

We really are Evil Cookie Geniuses too. But don't take our word for it, take our cookies for it. We had Waaaaay too many to list here, so we made a whole separate page with nearly 20 ideas. Just smash that image below and start browsing!

Browse Cookie Ideas

#11) Here's the One You Can't Do Yourself Because....

It's SO MUCH FUN you have to spread the joy! Seriously, what kind of sociopath would even consider withholding this much fun from others?? These DIY (with others) Full Gingerbread House Kits are a blast! We do all the hard work of getting everything you need together for you and put it all in one box. Directions? Open and have fun! These also make the perfect gift. Watch video and get more info here.

Gingerbread House Kits

Want a little more inspiration? We got you. Just click below to browse our entire Christmas and Holiday category. You'll find all kinds of fun stuff in there. Also be sure to sign up for our newsletter to stay on top of new tips, tricks, tutorials, discounts, promotions, new product launches... well, you get the idea.

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