The Evil Cake Genius has been making cakes professionally for 21 years.  She's done it all...scratch cakes, box mixes, professional cake bases.  The bottom line is this...no matter how badass your decorating skills, if it doesn't taste as good as it looks, there's simply no point.

So after much deliberation,  the Evil Cake Genius has finally decided to share her recipes with you in the form of our new Evil Cake Genius Yummy as Hell Professional Cake Mixes.

Cake Mixes

This is NOT your run of the mill cake mix! This is the real deal, people... a professional cake base that's simple, consistent, and doesn't taste like a mix!

Available in White, Yellow, Devil's Food, and even a few of the signature flavors that made our Minneapolis Bakery the stuff of Yummy Legends.

Just in time for summer, our Pink Lemonade Cake Professional Mix will be your new obsession.  Check out the video to see just how easy it is to get perfect results!

Or maybe you'd prefer the cake requested every year by the Evil Cake Genius' husband for his birthday, our Sweet Monkey Love Banana Chocolate Chip Mix. Damn. This is so good it should be illegal. Watch how easy this is:

Rest assured...this isn't some reasonable facsimile of what we serve our clients...this is exactly what we use at the bakery.  So try it for yourself, and see what earned this girl her name!

All of our mixes are Formulated to hold up to fondant covering, buttercream, ganache... whatever you can dish out. Large 2.5 pound bag yields 12 cups of batter...enough to make 4-8" round tiers, 2-9x13 sheet cakes or 40 cupcakes.

And, FYI, the Evil Cake Genius inhaled that entire monster slice as soon as the photos were taken.  Resistance is futile.