How Food Equals Love.  Make Cookies, we've made it easier than ever!

The Evil Cake Genius has never talked about this publicly, but no better time than the present, so here goes.  In December of 2017 just after returning from Cake International in the UK, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I know that I'm not alone in this experience, and feel lucky to have had so many(too many) women in my social circle come forward with their own stories of dealing with this disease.  I learned a lot from my experience, gained new friends, and realized that friends are really family that you choose.

But, what the hell, does this have to do with cookies?  Bear with me...

Firstly, when recovering from multiple surgeries, I learned that Food Equals Love.  Neighbors and friends flooded my home with food.  Whether it be homemade soup, casseroles, sweet treats, or their favorite takeout, the Captain (ECG's husband) and I were constantly on the receiving end of meals.  Feeding someone is one of the most intimate, caring things you can do for them.  

Secondly, I learned what most already know.  That people who chose to serve and care for others as their life's work are truly heroes.  I was on the receiving end of such kindness and patience while in the hospital, and during recovery and physical therapy, that I can't express in words just how special healthcare workers are.

Fast forward to the present.  We are all acutely aware that healthcare workers are on the front line of the Covid 19 epidemic.  And while we stay safely sheltered in place, they are going to work every day to care for others despite the inherent risk to their own health.  And it's not only them.  Grocery Store clerks, delivery drivers, police and fire rescue teams, and all those others who are essential workers are keeping things going for the rest of us, so we can do our part by staying home.  

It may seem insignificant, but as the ECG learned first hand when she was is love.  So, she's been cooking up a storm over here.  And any time she comes (not into contact) with someone who is working, you can bet there is a box of treats waiting on the door step, or dropped off at a safe distance as a small thank you.  That's why she's stoked to see that one of our favorite lines has just come out with a line of cookie stamp sets that say it all!

front line worker cookies

Whether you're stamping on Fondant, Modeling Chocolate, or directly into shortbread batter, it is easier than ever to say spread the love in cookie form!  It's simple, fast, and easy, and trust us, it's one of the sweetest (no pun intended) things you can do.  

And to make it a little easier on you, we're putting all of these cookie embossers, and Drake's Hand and Surface Sanitizer on sale:

Stay safe, stay well, and make cookies!!

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