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We believe that lives are more important than selling sprinkles.


The ECG doesn't need to tell you that these are strange days indeed. And as always, we're all in this together. So in our usual spirit of "We got you" we wanted to give you an update.

The State of Minnesota has issued a "Stay at Home" order. All non-essential businesses can no longer have employees report to work after end of business hours Friday, March 27th for two weeks.

What this means for us?

1) Our staff will no longer report to work. Although we ship food, we believe that the spirit of the "essential workers" exemption for food shippers does not apply to cake ingredients, and we do not plan to abuse this loophole. In other words, we aren't willing to risk our employees' or their families' health to ensure the world an uninterrupted supply of unicorn sprinkles.

2) We will not be accepting orders until the State Order is lifted.  Right now, the projected date that MN workers will be permitted to return to work is April 10th.

3) The ECG staff will continue to work in varied capacities from home.  We are dedicated to our employees, and will do everything in our power to ensure that they remain employed and financially taken care of during this period.

4) The staff will take this needed time to perfect our heavy metal riffs and stage presence during regular garage band session practices via "Zoom"

What's this mean for you?

1) If you have a current order placed with Evil Cake Genius, it will be shipped by end of day Friday, March 27th.

2) You will not be able to place any new orders on our site until the State Order has been lifted on April 10th.  We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and hope that you will return to shop with us in the future.  You WILL be able to browse the site, watch video tutorials,  and add things to your wish list during this time.

3) Our customer service team will still be working to answer any of your questions on products and techniques, or just to say hello if you're bored.

4) You will now be plagued with nightmare images of six cake dorks dressed in heavy metal gear, jamming in their respective garages...and for that we sincerely apologize (not really, it's kind of hilarious to torture you.)

Most importantly.  Take care of yourselves and those who are most vulnerable during this time.  Continue to Create, Support each other, and Eat Cake.  We're developing new exciting products and techniques during this sabbatical, and can't wait to share them with you when we're back up and running!

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