NEW Silver Glitter Airbrush Color Just Arrived!

If you've never tried airbrushing before, this is the Airbrush Kit that you need! If you have airbrushed for years, this is the Airbrush Kit that you need! The ECG has airbrushed for 15 years, and when she tried this airbrush for the first time it blew her tiny mind!!!

Dinkydoodle Airbrush Kit

There's no guess work with this kit. It is truly plug and play. It's focused beautifully so that you can direct the spray as fine or as broad as you wish simply by changing the distance between the pen and your cake. The ECG has never achieved such fine and precise airbrush details! Even better...the compressor is compact and light, so it can be carried around the kitchen with ease. It has an airbrush pen holder built right onto the unit (genius) and the compressor is so quiet, you won't believe it.


Still a little scared? This kit includes an instructional DVD featuring the amazing Dawn Butler, walking you through the necessary steps to begin your path to world domination via airbrushing! And you can always contact the Evil Cake Genius with any questions too.

Watch how genius the Dinkydoodle Airbrush Colors are...they even work on chocolate! Mind. Blown.

If after watching the video, you're wondering how to get Reuse-A-Mold too, well, you should be. Just click here.

Now let's talk Dinkydoodle Airbrush colors...these babies are a revolution in airbrush paints!

Dinkydoodle Airbrush Colors

What makes them so special?

  • Opaque colors!!! Airbrush Blue over Yellow without it turning green!  You can even airbrush lighter colors over darker colors!
  • Ethanol Based liquid airbrush colors.  These dry rapidly, so they're the ideal colors to use on our Acrylic stencils to avoid dripping or bleeding under the stencil!
  • THESE COLORS WORK ON CHOCOLATE and Confectionary Coating!!  Not only do they work on fondant, buttercream and royal icing, but you can use them directly on chocolate or coating wafers, and they DO NOT BEAD UP!!!  A must have for chocolate molded cake details and cake pops!!
  • They work with any Airbrush System, so if you already have an airbrush, up your game with these amazing paints.

Well? What are you waiting for? You've been thinking about trying airbrushing for years... Trust us, it's super fun, easy and yes, a little Evil and A LOT Genius. If it wasn't, do you really think we'd be suggesting it???