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Free Sugar Skull Mesh Stencil With Any Order Of $29 or more!

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Free Sugar Skull

Crazy? Maybe. Stupid? Probably. A little dense? Yep, you got us... Hey, we've never claimed to be the sharpest bulbs on the tree or the brightest knives in the drawer, but we're ok with that. So in a long tradition of making questionable decisions, we're going to give away a mesh stencil right before our busy season for selling it. Why? Because we think you'll like it, and we don't have a boss to give us crap. So there. You'll get the sugar skull mesh stencil shown above along with a royal icing scraper AND the tutorial. Nice! Now watch this video of how sugary and skully you're about to be. THEN watch how we make a whole Sugar Skull cake below!

MUST USE CODE: SKULL in cart before checkout



  Sugar Skull Cake - The Evil Cake Genius Way!  

Sugar Skull Cake

YES! YOU. ARE. CORRECT. This cake is so Sugary, so Skully and SO darn easy that it will, well, blow your mind right inside that 'ol brain cage of yours (that's your skull, you numbskull). So, what do you need to know about it? Well, we used 3 products AND not coincidentally have 3 Videos showing us use them in different ways, so sit back, relax and get ready to get watch a little sugar skull action.

This full cake uses our NEW Seamless Sugar Skull Mesh Stencil, our Rose Tattoo Mesh Stencil Set and our Sugar Skull Cookie Set (used for the toppers). 

Here's VIDEO of The Sugar Skull Cookie Set used for cookies & handpainted with our Sugar Skull Petal Dust Set

Here's VIDEO of our Rose Tattoo Mesh Stencil. Here we've stenciled the design on gumpaste and are hand painting it using this petal dust set and will cut it out and use it for a topper like we did with the skulls above...

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