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Meet Lil' Rolly

 Another Evil Cake Genius original product.  Roll away knife marks, air bubbles, and mistakes in Buttercream, Royal Icing, and Ganache!

 The ECG always struggled to smooth out the line where she lifted her Frostinator or contour comb off of the cake.  Not to mention the perfectly frosted tier that has tiny little air bubbles distracting from your awesomeness, or trying to get a smooth finish on domed tiers, complex curves or square cornered cakes.  No matter what level of frosting greatness you're at, you need this Lil' Rolly in your cakey arsenal!  It even works to smooth buttercream on cookies!

 The ECG tested out surface after surface to find the perfect material for smoothing frosting without leaving any texture behind. Lil' Rolly is Food Safe, and can be washed and reused lots of times.

But First, check out our 3 Buttercream Essentials that you NEED to get.

1) Stencils for buttercream!

Did you know that you can use any of our Acrylic Stencils on Buttercream cakes? We sent some stencils to Evil Cake Squad members Tall Girl Bakes and Painting With Buttercream, and just look at the results!

Wanna learn how to stencil?  Click HERE for a full length, free tutorial! 

2) Stainless Steel Cake Combs

Not only do they give your cake perfectly smooth sides, but use them with two tones of butterceam, ganache or Royal Icing, and you have a completely decorated cake tier as soon as you're done frosting it!

Multi-task much?

Just like all of our Contour Combs, they're forged forged by Sauron himself at Mount Doom (wait, no! not true.)  But they ARE forged out of Stainless Steel to retain heat so that you can warm them in a pan of hot water to get a perfectly smooth finish.  And they glow in the presence of Orcs! (nope, no they do not.)  
Just look at how slick this is!  Check out the video below, then just try...TRY to live without these Preciouses!
Need to have them all?  Of course you do!  That's why we've put together a set of all five Two Tone Striped Combs for a special price.  And you don't even need to enlist the help of your closest Hobbit friends to get it.
What's better than a Contour Comb for super fast flawless cakes?  How about two contour combs in one!!  Get twice the decorating power out of one ridiculously low priced tool!  Our new Double Sided Contour Combs are gonna be your "go to" for Shabby Chic Wedding Cakes, Birthday Cakes, Gourmet Cakes, and Zombie Apocalypse weapon!  Just check out the teeth on this Arabesque Comb.   No brain-eating moaner would stand a chance against it!
Our Ribbed Comb is a little less effective on the Undead, but just look at how it slays a buttercream cake!
Need a Snappy Video to get you psyched up?  No Problem:

Wanna see the rest of them?  You know you do!!!  See all of the combs HERE

You're getting Close!  Keep scrolling to get to the Lil' Rolly video.  The journey may be arduous, but the payoff...oh the payoff!! 

 You're not done saying YASSS! Not yet. Meet The Frostinator™, you MUST watch this now...

The Frostinator

One more, and then you're onto the video, and a deal!!!

3) Melt and Pour Cake Drip 

This stuff is Ridonculously easy to use.  Just microwave, and drip!  It's Genius!  Ya' know who's not so Genius? The ECG...for not ordering nearly enough of this magical stuff to begin with.  Well, lucky's ALL back in stock and just waiting for you!

Well Done Grasshopper.  You've proven your mettle.  Now sit back and bask in the glory of what is going to be your new frosting best friend. 

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