Peter Rabbit!

The Evil Cake Genius loves her some bunnies!  Matter of fact, she had a house-bunny named Chloe when she was in college.  Chloe was soft and cuddly, litter trained, and came running when she heard you open a box of Animal Crackers.  That's more than she can say for most of her college boyfriends.  But, I digress...

Nothing says Spring and Easter, quite like bunnies, so we're stoked to have these just in time for both!


Ok, back to these awesome Peter Rabbit Stencils! They're a beautiful and fun-to-do addition to our Hand Painting Made Easy Cake and Cookie line of mesh stencils.  If you haven't tried these yet, you're missing out.  Simply stencil the outline in Royal Icing, and Paint the details in with a mixture of Petal Dust or Powdered Food Color and Cooking Oil (Whah? Cooking Oil? Yep! It keeps the painting from smearing the Royal Icing Outlines, and allows you to blend your colors, and Yes, it does dry...these cupcake toppers were dry in an hour.)  Hand Painting with these stencils is relaxing and fun!  The Minions fight over who gets to do the hand-painted cakes at the Evil Lair!

The ECG won the battle this time.  Check out the video of these in action and watch the stress just melt off of her as she paints. And be sure to check out all of the new Sanding Sugar Colors we've added to the site that made those perfectly pastel cupcakes!

As Always, we've made things even easier!  We've put together a Set of Petal Dusts that we used to paint these, so it's just like an edible Paint By Numbers kit!  Oh, and Yes!  You can use these outline with our Food Color Pens, so you can bring the stenciled cookies to Easter Brunch and let the kiddos color their own cookies!


 And just in case you're afraid that everyone is going to take all of your fun painting the cookies or cupcake toppers, Here's a Cake Size Peter Rabbit Stencil just for you.

And, have you seen our Alice In Wonderland Stencils? Click below to see how we made this cake!

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