Bad News: This Promo is over.

Good News!! Click below for a FREE Sugar Skull Stencil Instead!

Free Sugar Skull Stencil!

Been wanting to try out one of those incredible Stay Put Stencils?  The time is NOW!  That's right...the ECG is giving away one of these 6 stencils with any order over $29.00 while supplies last!  You'll have your stencil with plenty of time to make some sassy Halloween Cookies or Cake Toppers for the big Spooky night.  Simply enter the Code HALLOWEENIE at checkout. Do not put the full set in your cart (unless you want the full set PLUS a free single stencil).

Which one will you get?  Well, that's up to the flying monkey who packs your order.  Keep scrolling for action videos of these amazing stencils, but just 'cause she knows you're gonna' be asking where to get the sprinkles and airbrush colors used on the cookies in the picture, here's all the stuff she used.


There's a reason she's called the Evil Cake Genius, not the Evil Cookie Genius...but that's all about to change!  You see, the ECG does not have the patience for decorating cookies.  She never has time to rest her Royal Icing so the Flooding is ripply and full of air bubbles, her painting and piping skills are not quite up to par, and she feels an uncontrollable desire to smack that cookie that she's worked on for an hour right out of the hands of anyone who tries to eat it!

But she doesn't give up that easily!

She's never gonna have more time or patience, but she does have that genius persistence.  So she's developed a dare-she-say Revolutionary way to decorate cookies.  Introducing...

That's right...these little suckers stick to dried Royal Icing and Stay Put!  They're flexible enough (and sticky enough) to adhere to any ripple, air bubble, or oops in the surface of the Royal, so no color bleeds underneath the stencil.  No fancy stencil holder or holdy do-jobby necessary! 

They work beautifully with Airbrush, Royal Icing (add a little wickedly white powder for any color other than black to create crisp, opaque stenciling, or just use our Mesh Stencil Royal Icing that's ready to tint any color) or any of our Metallic Royal Icing Mixes. Just watch:

How about 4th of July Cookies??

Oh, did we mention that they stick to Macaron shells too?  And if you use our ECG Airbrush colors with them, the color dries so fast that it won't bead up, and you can reuse the stencil tons of times before having to rinse it!  Lookie!


  Or for cakes, use them on crusted buttercream, fondant, or icing sheets.  They don't stick as firmly to buttercream or fondant, but you can secure them the way you would any other stencil to these mediums.

They're washable and reusable, and we've laid them out in sheets that can be cut apart into 6 cookie stencils for one amazing price!

Check them all out:

And here are all the best things to stencil with:

Haven't tried Mesh Stencils yet? They're AMAZING!!! See our Full-length tutorial HERE