Check out some of our favorite ways to say "I love you"!

Valentine's Day is almost here. That time of year when a certain Evil Cake Genius turns her thoughts to all things squishy, lovey, sweet.  The Evil Cake Genius is a sucker for all of it! So let's spend a few minutes talking about Love.

Nothing beats the tingly feels that come along with New Love...and our New Love Doodles stencil line by Lisa Raffael is as sweet as that new guy who still opens doors for you.  You could argue that it's actually better, because even a year from now it won't forget to put the toilet seat down.

Love Doodles

And on to  Modern Love

Love Heart Set

Modern Love is no match for our  Love Heart Cookie and Cupcake Mesh Stencil Set.  It's Modern, it's Chic, and nobody ever Swiped Left on a Cupcake.

And for you Lionel Richie fans, here's the stencil version of Endless Love.  Endless possibilities with these stencils!

Dissipating Dots

Our Dissipating Dots Stencils come with bigger dots, smaller dots and will be your go to stencils for everything from wedding cakes to birthday cakes! Our Love Calligraphy Mesh Stencil , well... we LOVE it because it's got you covered for Valentine's Day, but you'll use it year-round on wedding cakes too!

But what about Free Love, Man?

Free Valentines Set

While some establishment-type Evil Geniuses would tell you to "Go back to the '60's ya' damn Hippie!"   the Evil Cake Genius is catchin' your vibe.  So she's giving away one of her best selling Valentine's Day Stencil Sets.   

  So go iron your hair, burn your bra, spend 39 bucks on our site and enter Coupon Code HEART in your shopping cart, and we'll give send one of these groovy little stencil and cookie cutter sets to you for free!


Now, how about a Video of just how easy it is to make those ombre polka dots with our Dissipating Dots Stencils

And, as you have come to expect from the Evil Cake Genius, this technique is so easy you could do it with one eye closed, after a Sunday Brunch with an unlimited Mimosa and Bloody Mary Bar!



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