New Evil Cake Genius Cake Toppers

Like many of our products, The Evil Cake Genius designed our new line of cake toppers herself after getting tired of ordering them from people who didn't understand cakes. Gah! The picks were too long, too short, or nonexistent. The Toppers were way too big and clunky, or super teeny! Ours are made to accent your cake, not take over!! Uh, can we get an AMEN? OH, and the best part? They're fast, inexpensive AND monograms are customizable. Yes!

Cake Toppers

Toppers available in Black Acrylic, and  The Ultimate Rustic Pinterest Awesomeness...Birch Wood Veneer!

Cake Toppers

Not in the mood for a Barn Wedding? Does Hay give you hives?

That's okay, we've got Mirrored Silver and Gold Acrylic for a whole lotta' Glam!

Cake Toppers

How did we made the cake above? It's done with our Leafy Branch Stencils. Watch the video below, then read all about it and get a few tips here!

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