Cookie Advent Calendar Kits & Platter Cutters

We're loving these two trends in Holiday Cookie Gifting!  And we've got the perfect tools to make them easy!

Let's start with the Cookie Platter.  If you're a teensy bit Type A, like the ECG you'll feel all tingly when you look at this perfectly coordinated treat tableau.

This amazing set by Bikkie Smalls makes these a (ginger)snap to make!  Check it out in action!

Now check out these little Cookie Cutter and Embosser sets by Little Biskut! They're the perfect way to make unique Advent Calendars, just look at this little pink lovely by Baked by Pam. If you have a Baking Business, this is going to be a great Holiday seller year after year! If you don't, your family and friends will love this. It's also a GREAT project to do with the kids! Simply cut out the cookie tiles, and emboss Chocolate Paste or Fondant to make these adorable gifts. Even easier, simply emboss any non-rising shortbread dough, and you don't even need to frost them!

The ECG is planning to google her favorite non rising doggy cookie recipe and do simple embossed dog treats this year. Her favorite good bois and gurls will be SO waggy!  

Here's both sets

(and don't forget the luster for some shiny detals):

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