The Alexandria Lace Stencil Collection

by Suzanne Esper

What is it about this Scottish girl?  Seems that everything she touches turns into pure romance.  No, seriously...Suzanne could design a cake based dirty gym sock that would make you swoon.  She's just got that touch.  Lucky for us, her latest stencil collection was based on something from a bridal salon, rather than Dick's Sporting Goods, but the Evil Cake Genius still stands by the gym sock theory.  

Meet Alexandria.

This cake makes the ECG want to Brush up on her French Poetry, lay in a field of summer grass eating strawberries and read a book with Fabio on the cover.  Just sayin'

But Alexandria, like all good romance heroines, is more than just pretty to look at.  This girl is a genius!  She's our first ever Mix and Match Stencil Sets!  Its' simple...fill the open boxes on the monogram frame stencil with the letters you'd like, and stencil that insanely swoon-worthy pattern, AND monogram in one gloriously sexy swipe!  Fabio's hair ain't got nothin' on that.

But stenciling alone isn't enough for the Queen of Cakey Romance.  Suzanne embellished this stencil with overpiping, fondant primrose cutouts, and individually placed frosting sequins and pearls.  We loved it so much that we had to add the Sequin Mat to our site so that we can make some too!

And then, we broke down this gorgeous pattern into a full collection so that you can mix and match tiers and create your own Suzanne-esque masterpiece.  Here's one that the ECG whipped up a couple days ago

Of course, we had to make a Rose Gold tier (painted with an equal blend of our Silver Powder and Bronze Powder) and an equally glam tier covered with our White Edible Glitter Squares, but the rest is all Alexandria, I mean Suzanne...Suzandria!

Check out the full collection of these stencils HERE

and then put your best love song mix in queue and watch this video of just how easy our Mix and Match Monogram stencils are to'll be smitten.

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