Alice in Wonderland Cake

The Evil Cake Genius has always loved Alice in Wonderland. From her storybooks as a wee genius, to her first Mad Hatter style wedding cake, there's just something magical about that freaky weird story.

That's why, when we created our Antique Book Text Mesh Stencil, Alice in Wonderland was the natural choice for the text. But that got the ECG thinking...and since we already had an awesome set of Playing Card Mesh Stencils, it just made sense to do a legit Alice in wonderland cake.

All we needed was a set of Alice in Wonderland Mesh Stencils-Check. Some Edible Fabric-Check. And a couple of hours to play.

 We stenciled Alice and her crew onto the Edible Fabric because it was winter in Minnesota (soooo dryyyy) if you're not in the tundra, use icing sheets instead, Made the Playing Cards out of Gum Paste, and let them sit out overnight to stiffen up a bit. Oh, and how's about we use our new Mini Frame Moulds and Alice Cookie Stencils to liven up the bottom tier? 'Kay. A few stenciled edible fabric bows, and Done!

And of course, we shot a video!

Check out how we covered the top two tiers with ABSOLUTELY NO FONDANT!!

Again, we used edible fabric sheets in this video, but this technique works exactly the same with Icing Sheets if you're not in the dryest climate on earth!

Here's everything you need to make this beauty!

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