Genius Alert!!!  Mesh Stencil Alphabet Sets
Let's talk penmanship.  Some of us have it, some of us don't.  The Evil Cake Genius fits into the "don't" group.  Her penmanship has been described as sloppy at best, and illegible most of the time.  But that aside, we don't care if you have penmanship skills that would make Miss Manners swoon, there's a big difference between good penmanship, and good pipemanship (yep, just made that one up).  Piping lettering on the side of a tier is doable, but it's never easy, never fast, never fun, and never perfect! Until Now!!!

Our Mesh Stencil Alphabet sets are here to save the day!  They line up easily, and stencil quickly.  The Royal Icing stenciling dries super fast between letters (typically only a minute or two, unless you're working on cakes in a rainforest...or Georgia) so you'll spell out names, messages, and monograms faster and more beauteous than you ever have before.  Just watch this here lil' video to see it in action:

 Then, check out all of our different designs!  We've got you covered for manly cakes, girly cakes, kid cakes, wedding cakes, you name it, we've got an alphabet for it! 

And we've even discounted some of our most popular sets for a limited time to celebrate those of us with crappy handwriting!  

No, seriously people...check out the sale price on the Traditional Monogram Sets!!

What are you waiting for?  Writer's cramp is NOT pretty, people.  Get your alphabet sets people!!



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