Playing with Icing Sheets and Edible Fabric!

If you didn't already know, the Evil Cake Genius is crazy about our Edible Fabric Sheets.  There's no easier way to make ruffles, bows, and fabric effects on a cake.  But just recently, she saw a cake by La Ombre Cakes with a ballerina wearing a sugar flower tutu.  First thing the ECG did, was create a ballerina stencil and shipped it to La Ombre. Then, she set herself a play date in the kitchen!

Ballerina Cake

The ECG can honestly say that she hasn't had this much fun in the kitchen in a long time.  Our new Crackle Stencil by Imperial Cake made the perfect backdrop when stenciled in our Metallic Silver Royal Icing, and the ballerina stenciled onto an icing sheet in a snap.  But the real fun began when the Edible Fabric came out to play.  A quick once over with some Edible Arts Pearlized Paints, and some quick snips with a scissors gave her the makings of this 3-D tutu that is stupidly impressive, and took mere minutes!


Here's a list of everything we used on this cake, keep scrolling to see our FLUFFY FLAMINGO CAKE:

So excited about the combination of Mesh Stenciling and Icing Sheets, the ECG stenciled a full Icing Sheet with our Avalon Palm Leaves Stencil, and wrapped it around a buttercream cake. She stenciled a second icing sheet with our new Flamingo Mesh Stencil, cut them out, attached them to the cake, and gave them their own Edible Fabric Tutus. No fondant, no problem!!!  

 *Full disclosure, due to the added moisture of the buttercream, the neck on the flamingo on the right had to be propped up with a toothpick from the back side, so if you don't want to do that, use our shorter version of the flamingo stencil or brush the backside of any part of the flamingo that extends above the top edge of the cake with melted cocoa butter.

By now, the ECG could think of nothing but OTHER STENCILS TO ADD RUFFLES TO!  So she created just a few more. Check them out along with the Flamingos and Palm Leaves

By now, we were on an Icing Sheet roll, so we talked to La Ombre again.  And she asked for some Fairy Stencils to help speed up the process of one of her most requested cake themes.  Well, fairies don't wear tutus, but we just had to keep the 3-D fun going, so we created our new Fairy stencils with Mix and Match wings!

The Fairies can be stenciled onto an icing sheet, gum paste, or fondant, or stenciled directly onto a fondant covered cake.  Then, stencil the wings onto an icing sheet, or sheet of gum paste, and arrange them however you like.  We love how La Ombre glittered the stenciling before it dried on these wings!

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