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 Want Edible Shiny & Glittery? Who doesn't? Well, we've got more edible shine than you can shake a wand at. Check out these customer favorites!
 These paints are like the Holy Grail of Cake Decorating. No, it's like the Holy Grail, filled with water from the Fountain of Youth being sipped by a Sasquatch riding on a Unicorn! 
And we only had to go to Australia to find it.
Introducing Edible Arts EDIBLE metallic paints for cake decorating!
Yep, these lovelies are FDA, EU and, of course AU approved and they come in the most glorious shiny metallics you've ever seen!  They work for painting on Fondant, American Buttercream, Royal Icing, Macaron's, Modeling and Gum Paste, and more.  And you can even use them in an airbrush!  You can buy them individually, but we've put together our very own "Essential Metallics" set of five bottles to get you started at a discounted price. Or our 10 bottle Luxe Set will have you prepared for any Shinemergency. We also have a first of its kind metallic water activated Paint Palette! Oh, and if that weren't enough. It's Vegan and alcohol, gluten, dairy, soy and peanut free! Just ACTIVATE, STIR & PAINT!

'Of course we have video, actually, we have 2.

JEWEL DUST! You can now have your Fabulous, and eat it too!!
You know the ECG loves her some sparkle.  Unicorns, Pixie Dust, Rupaul...anywhere there is glitter, she is HOME.  But like all things in this imperfect world, there was give and take.  She could have legit glitter OR edible "glitter" but she couldn't have her glitter and eat it too.
Well Hallelujiah, it's raining Unicorns, Pixies and Drag Queens over here!!! Introducing Jewel Dust.  The completely EDIBLE glitter that is as sparkly as Disco Dust, but you can eat the stuff by the spoonful!  Aaaand, yes, the ECG already has.
Jewel Dust
Finally, Glitterbomb cupcakes and Cookies that you can serve to people you actually like!  This stuff is stupidly sparkly, and covers like a dream!  We didn't even tint the frosting under the glitter.
Just check out the video of us having a play with Cupcakes!  

Sound too good to be true?  Full disclosure...
Like real glitter, this stuff is invasive.  It will make your cakes, cupcakes and chocolates Fabulous, but be prepared for incidentally sparkly floors, tables, hair, clothes, ears, and lungs.  The ECG used the stuff yesterday, and is still having Disney Princess Sneezes...magical!


But Wait! We're Not Done.

Wicked Sparkly Dust Pumps

These Edible Sparkle Dust pumps are easy-to-use and add beautiful metallic accents to cakes, cookies, cupcakes, macarons, or anything you'd like to glam up!  Simply pump the sparkle dust onto  buttercream or fondant that is lightly brushed with water, lemon extract or clear alcohol. Can be used to highlight acrylic stencil patterns too...just pump the sparkle dust over fresh stenciling before the stenciling medium has dried and before removing the stencil.

 Finally, No, you're not dreaming!  Now you can stencil, drip and pipe in Metallic Icing!!

Metallics are hot! But decorating with Metallic Icing can give you a cakey headache in a hurry.  For years, the ECG would stencil in Royal Icing, then airbrush over the royal before removing the stencil.  For piping and drip cakes, there was no other choice than to wait for the pattern to dry and hand-paint over every detail.  Hey, this chick likes decorating as much as the anyone, but she also likes things like SLEEP and SEEING DAYLIGHT.  So she created a one step solution to Metallic Icings!

Metallic Royal Icings

You have to see it to believe it! So, here you go!

Want to see how it works for stenciling? This pattern has been making the rounds on Pinterest as a white on white hand-piped pattern for wedding cakes. It's gorgeous!  But, the hand-piping is, well....hand piped, which means time consuming and imperfect no matter how good you are with a pastry bag. So we decided to make a super easy Acrylic stencil for the same effect in half the time!

It works as a partial pattern when stenciled one time on a tier, or lines up seamlessly side to side for complete coverage.  And most importantly, look at that Gold!!  

How long would it take for you to pipe all those lines?  Don't find out!!  Buy the stencil!  

BOGO Edible Glitter Square Details:
MUST ADD TOTAL # OF JARS NEEDED TO CART! Discount will be applied at checkout. e.g. If you need 10 jars, put 10 in the cart and you will only pay for 5
- Limit 6 Free Jars Per Customer
- While Quantities Last
- No Promo Code Necessary
- Watch This Video To Get In Glittery Mood

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