Meet Caroline, of Cake Halliday.  Her modern, ethereal cakes are some of the most unique and beautiful designs we've ever seen, so we invited her to design a line of stencils.

The newest in her collection, are her most innovative stencils yet!  Her Peacock Feather Stencils mix and match to create elaborate peacock patterns on any cake. We prefer to use them with an airbrush, but you can use these stencils with Edible Arts Paints, just be sure to use a fairly dry-brush technique to avoid the paints bleeding underneath the stencils.

Or use them on wafer paper to create 3D feathers!  She has graciously offered her downloadable tutorial for this technique to our customers at no charge!!  Follow the link HERE to download this amazing tutorial.

Here's a sneak peek at just how amazing these new stencils are

Loving these?  Her Seashell Collection is just as stunning!  Its modern geometric pattern is remniscent of scalloped seashells, so Caroline ran with it, creating these beautiful seafoam green cakes with subtle hints of sea grass and pearls. 

  Cake Halliday Seashell Stencils

And you'll have to excuse the EGG, she just blacked out for a minute from awesome overload...get a load of what Caroline does with our Edible Fabric Sheets...those ruffles are amazing!  And due to a mis-key by the ECG, we're overstocked on 12 packs of Pearl Edible Fabric Sheets.  Ruh Roh...that means our first (and hopefully last) ever BOGO on these amazing sheets!!

Cake Halliday Seashell Collection

Art Nouveau Celtic Collection

This collection began as a hand-drawn Celtic Knot, but as the layouts emerged, the stencils took on a far broader appeal.  We've decided that these stencils are like a cakey personality test.  Let's play!!  Which do you think best describes these?

Celtic, Art Nouveau, Modernist, Elvish

Make your choice, then scroll below to see what your cakey personality is.

 If you chose Celtic: You're a Cakey Vagabond

You love to experience the world through cake!!  You love to let cultural patterns and flavors inspire your art.  From Azulejo patterns, and Henna, to Rosemaling, you're open to any inspiration from around the world.  You've been known to dress a tier with iconic City Skylines and have made enough frosting Passports to clear cakey customs anywhere in any nation. This goes for flavors as well.  You like to experiment with different palates.  The chance to combine Rosewater and Pistachio in a cake makes you downright tingly.


  If you chose Art Nouveau: You're a Cakey Romantic

You're a true renaissance decorator.  You appreciate the classic techniques like string work and Lambeth, but you give them a new twist.  Lace Patterns and Ruffles are music to your ears, but you're not afraid of a naked cake if the mood is right.  'Cause naked is sexy.  You are okay with all cake flavors, but if it's a wedding cake, there better be at least one tier of White Cake, and that couple damn well better be saving the top tier for their first anniversary, or they're doomed!!!

  If you chose Modernist: You're a Cakey Artist

Clean lines are your jam.  Well, jam is your jam, too, but you get it.  A square tier makes you swoon, and an offset stacking is poetry to you.  Geometric Patterns are your go-to.  When it comes to flavors, you have no rules.  Nobody's gonna' tell you not to mix spicy and sweet.  Well, they may tell you, but you aren't gonna' listen.  (insert SNAP here)

  If you chose Art Elvish: You're a Cakey Nerd

  Bake Well and Prosper.  You don't see any problem topping even the most formal of wedding cakes with action figures of Leia and Han and some well placed Light Speed Stars.  The half and half cake is your favorite style..after all, how are you supposed to blend Marvel and Lord of the Rings on one cake otherwise?  We all know that Gandalf needs to be kept away from Hulk as a professional courtesy.  Flavors...who cares?!?! Nobody is going to want to cut that awesome cake.


No matter what your cakey personality, you NEED to start stenciling!  There's no better way to get faster, more intricate details on a cake.  Check out the video below for a few tips!