What is a Cake Katana Anyway? 
 The Short answer: Something you shouldn't be living without!  But when have you ever known the ECG to give a short answer? 
It all started with a message from one of our many Evil Cake Minions.  You guys are the best at letting us know when you see something Genius, and this was no exception.  As it turns out, people decorate things other than cakes.  Whah? I know, mental, right?  And one of those crazies is Kellie DeFries.  Kellie loves her some Swarovski crystals.  No, she REALLY loves crystals.  She covers everything with them...from picture frames to cell phone cases, to, well, I dunno' how about a 1956 Porsche 356?!?!

Kellie has earned her title as the world's one and only Crystal Ninja.  And like all Ninja's she has the right weapon for any battle.  So, while hand-placing those 247,148 crystals on said Porsche, do you think she used a tweezers?  Hell's no!  This girl is a Ninja!  She used her very own invention...the Crystal Katana...and it's MAGIC!!  This crazy tool can pick up a crystal of any size with a simple tap, and, wait for it, she's developed one for CAKE DECORATING!!!!

Yep, the Cake Katana picks up ANY SIZE, ANY SHAPE dragee, pearl, sprinkle, jimmy, even rock sugar.  It holds these things firm enough to carry, but gently enough that it will release them once they touch whatever icing you're using to attach them to the cake.  Soooo Ninja!  Check it out in action:

And the Ninja has been kind enough to put together nice little kits for us.  You'll get the Cake Katana, a tool case, a dragée/candy tray, a 5ml syringe, and a 16ga syringe tip.  Okay, you'll probably use a pastry bag rather than the syringe to put the icing on your tier, but how bad-ass will you look having a syringe in your tool kit?
Pop this set into your bag of tricks along side your DrageeKiss (still our favorite for 4mm pearls and dragees) and you'll be dumping those tweezers like that loser Bill when you caught him making out with that chick from Biology lab behind the bleachers at the Homecoming game.   Just keep walking, girls...

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