You know her from Food Network Challenge, From Duff Till Dawn, and her incredible Avalon Cakes School of Sugar Art Avalon Yarnes is undeniably genius at cake design and decorating.  And now she's come up with the 2018 Best Product at Cake International. A way for anyone to design perfect cake sketches for any shape, any height, any way you want it!

Introducing the Avalon Yarnes line of Cake Sketching Templates

The ECG can't count how many times she's sketched a cake during an appointment, only to try to decipher said sketch months later when it's time to make the cake.  Was that a square cake, a round cake, or a combination of squares and rounds?  Is that middle tier double barreled? Maybe? It kinda looks taller than the tier below it, but then again, the tier below it looks like it may have been drawn by a blindfolded monkey...after a few shots of rum...with its feet.  To be fair, monkeys can draw pretty well with their feet, but you get the gist.  

With these templates, there's no guess work!  Perfectly shaped tiers are one thing, but drawn TO SCALE without navigating graphic design programs is a game changer!!  Oh, and did we mention, that she's added an Elements template, so that you can add flowers, swags, lattice, and even cake stands to the sketches faster than the Evil Cake Genius can inhale a cupcake (FYI that's FAST)!

Watch Jenna. Jenna can't draw cakes. This is seriously her first go at these. We just rolled camera.

BUT WAIT!!  Check out her·NEW· Cake Sketching Stamps!

Avalon Yarnes Cake Sketching Templates are hot, hot, hot, BUT The Product of the Year just got better. NOW you can get Stamps designed specifically for the cake sketching templates we know you already own, because, well, surely you're not living without them, right?

Watch them in action!

Let's start with our favorite set...the Lace and Monogram Stamps are replicas of these popular Evil Cake Genius Lace Stencils.  We've included the most popular Alencon and Chantilly Lace Patterns to make sure to match just about any lace Dress.  But the best part is, that you can buy the matching stencils for the actual cake.  Simple sketching, simple decorating!  The Set also includes our Traditional Monogram Stencils...a must have set of stencils, or you can simply order a Custom Three Letter Monogram Mesh Stencil to get the job done in one swipe of a palette knife.  But the Stamp-stravaganza doesn't end there!

Avalon has designed sets for all of the most popular cake designs, so you can stamp your way through Unicorns, Geodes, Sprinkles and "Happy Birthday".  And once again, we have the stencils and other products that you need to make these cakes super easy too!  Check out our matching stencils and tools for the Geode Cake Stamps, and our matching Stencils, Molds, and even super easy Cakey Cut Outs for the Celebration Stamps.  And don't forget to check out this video of the Floral Stamps in action!

 Not quite convinced that you need these in your life?  We won't judge.  It's not like there aren't people out there that still think the world is flat.  Just check out this video of Avalon,herself using them (while spinning wildly through the universe on a blue ball).

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