Introducing Cakey Cut Outs Edible Decorations!
Yaaassss!! They're here, and they're awesome!  Okay, okay, ECG, but WHAT ARE THEY?
First came, wafer paper, then came edible fabric, now we've got Cakey Cut Outs.
Similar in thickness to our Edible Fabric sheets, but with a paper-like feel, these things are intricately cut out so all you have to do is put them on a cake or cookie, and sit back and laugh at just how easy that was.  No, seriously...whip out your best Evil Bwa Ha Ha cackle, because you just made a gorgeous tier in seconds!  Don't like saving time? Would rather cut out fondant bands with a craft knife and spend hours to get the same look?  Knock yourself out!
No, Seriously...knock yourself clearly need a reset!  You like decorating cakes, so do we!!  But you know what else we like? Daylight.   Seeing our families while they're still awake.  Showering.   Ooh, here's one...sleeping more than 4 hours per night.  

These things are fabulous!  They attach to Fondant, Buttercream, Ganache or Royal icing with a little bit of water or corn syrup.  You can use them individually as a band or ribbon border, or stack two on top of each other for a full tier lattice effect.  And they come in so many styles and colors, that you'll be covered for everything from Art Deco Wedding cakes to Birthday and Baby Shower Cakes.  

And, AND...these things curve and bend into any shape, and even fold like paper without cracking if you want to fan them, or make crisp corners around square tiers.  The Evil Cake Genius has just started playing with these, and the possibilities are mind-numbing.


And don't forget our Art Deco, Skyscraper, and Message Cakey Cut Outs!  Probably best if you just go browse them all.

Wanna' see just how badly you need these in your life? Just check out our little play time video:

Oh, and talk about sexy...They're high gloss color on one side, and pearlized on the other, so the black ones are gunmetal silver on the back side, and the red ones are pearly pink...more and more to play with!

So what are you waiting for?

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