NEW Carry Cake Kits! Easy & Inexpensive!

Leave it up to Dawn Butler of Dinkydoodle Designs to come up with a kit that makes Gravity defying cakes easy enough for anyone!!  Her Carry Cake Kit includes all the hardware you need, and a step by step photo tutorial to make a purse cake that you can simply grab by the handle and carry into the party. The best part? They're just $19.95!

 Carry Cake Kits

The kit can be used over and over, but it's priced low enough that you can add it into the price of the cake and not worry about having to get the pieces back from your customer.

Kits come in Oval, Round or Rectangle to make just about any kind of Carry Cake you want! Use provided handle, or replace the handle with wired pearls, rope, or a chain. Get creative!

Carry Cake Kits

Now watch a quick video of the inventor Dawn Butler making a purse cake

How about a Purse Cake featuring our line of Karen Davies Moulds! Here Dawn uses the Karen Davies Ruffled Roses Mould.

A Tool box Cake you can carry? No problem! This Rectangle base is great for larger purses, gardening bins and tackle boxes! Guaranteed to blow some minds!!!

Thought Gravity Defying Cakes were for "other decorators"?? Wrong! Now get on board. You can do this!

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