Succulent & Cactus Molds

The ECG loves those little pristine succulent terrarium arrangements that litter her Pinterest feed.  What she DOESN'T love... the trail of plant-tragedy that is her pathetic attempt at growing them.  So in the spirit of sticking with what you CAN do, she's gonna' show you how her garden grows.  


That's right, no trail of plant-destruction, not even dirt under her fingernails, just delicious chocolate succulents to top cakes and cupcakes!  Keep scrolling for a mini tutorial by Shawna McGreevy of Cakeheads for using our amazing molds, but first, check out these adorable edible cactus pot desserts!  


And here's everything you need to make them!

Now watch Shawna make the succulents from this Frogtacular cake (you can get the full tutorial on Cakeheads, including how to make that edible moss and crazy-cute frog!)


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