Let's break some hearts!

Love can make you crazy.  So here's a little delightfully agressive treat to share with your Valentine so they can break this heart, and leave yours intact.

On a professional note, the ECG has had MANY cakes and bakes torture her to the point of wanting to smash them into tiny pieces, but ironically, this little smash heart was an absolute delight to make.  From the freeform splatters of our Glitzy and Shiny as Hell edible powders, to those flawlessly simple 3 part molds, the ECG was blissed-out the entire time she was making this.  Do yourself a favor, add these to your Valentine's Day "to-make" list.  

Check out the Process:

Here' s everything you need to make your own:

Oh, and Easter is just around the corner!  We've got a great selection of 3 Part Egg Molds in all sizes and patterns!  Shop all the 3 Part Molds HERE

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