Designer Truffles and Bon Bons Made Simple

The ECG has been making truffles and bon bons for years. She started by hand-rolling and dipping them, then moved into classic bon bon molds.  But once she tried these new Magnetic Transfer Chocolate Molds, it was all over. Whether or not you use them with one of our Fabbo Chocolate Transfers (although why you wouldn't, is a mystery) this the easiest way to get flawless filled chocolates. 

The Secret...the magnetic bottom of the mold removes completely, making the finished chocolates release so easily from the mold, that they practically leap out! Check out this video of the ECG's FIRST TRY using these incredible molds. She used Ganache, but you can fill them with any Candy Center!

It's just that easy!!!  Now get your supplies together, and start making yours:

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