Christmas Layered Mints

These impressive-looking treats make beautiful gifts and stocking stuffers, and with our great selection of Holiday Cookie Icing Sheets, there's a style for everyone on your list.

This process is stupidly simple...just pop the cookie icing sheet face-down into the bottom of our chocolate covered Oreo mold, melt some white chocolate coating (candy melts) and fill the mold to around 1/4" thick and throw the mold in the fridge for about 5 minutes.  Meanwhile, melt some Clasen's Mint Chip Chips and add melted Paramount Crystals to thin it down to a workable consistency.  Add a 1/4" layer of this to the mold and return it to the fridge.  Melt your final layer of coating (milk or dark chocolate) and fill the rest of the space in the mold.  Refrigerate again, then pop them out. 

Watch how easy it is!

It's really that simple!  And with our cookie Icing sheets PRE-CUT to perfect 2" circles, you can make them faster than an elf on a candy corn and syrup bender!

Here's everything you need to make these bad boys for everyone on your list!

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