The Next Generation of Super Hero Cake Stencils are HERE!!!!

Hey, if Marvel can keep adding super heroes, we need to keep up with more ways to make Super Hero Cakes Fast, Easy, and just plain Super!

As always, the Evil Cake Genius is on her game to make sure that your super hero birthday cakes don't go all Kryptonite on your ass!  It all started with our Skyscraper Window Stencil, designed to keep you from cutting and pasting hundreds of tiny yellow squares onto the cakey skylines of Gotham and Metropolis.  Now... The Evil Cake Genius has come up with a way to make it so that not only do you no longer have to cut out windows, but you don't even have to cut out the skyscrapers anymore!!

  You bet your big ol' crush on Tony Stark, this stencil set is gonna make your skyline tiers faster than The Flash on a triple shot of Espresso!  It's so easy!  Just Airbrush the skyline using the skyline mask, let it dry, then stencil the windows over it with Royal Icing.  You'll feel so empowered, you may even get lippy with the Hulk...but don' wouldn't like him when he's angry.

But that's just the start of the ECG's plan to take over the world one cake at a time.  Check out our newest hand-painting mesh stencil.

  This Super Comic Mesh Stencil is amazing stenciled in Black Royal Icing, but Paint in the colors using our Candy Color Oil Based Colors (the oil base of these colors prevent the Black Royal Icing stenciling from smearing when you paint over it) and this thing is hotter than Thor wearing a French Maid costume.  Wanna' see these bad boys in action? Flip your apron around cape-style, assume the super hero stance, and watch this!

What's that? You want to make the cake even MORE SPECTACULAR by adding a Happy Birthday Burst & your little Superhero's age? Ok. Watch This:

And we've added a matching alphabet to the site so you can write complete names and messages, like "Larry, you're too old for a super hero birthday cake! Get a Job and move out of your mom's basement!"

And what better time to buy yourself some new Super Stencils!!! To celebrate our continued commitment to protect all cake decorators from all cakey evils, we're giving away a set of four of our original Skyscraper Window Stencil Designs!  Get the details, and the Code HERE! 

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