You love our Contour Combs.  Now meet the Contour Guide Plates.

The ECG loves seeing all the amazing cakes she sees on the interweb that were made using her Contour and Two Tone Stripe Cake Combs. She's always looking for new ways to use and perfect them.  That's why she was super excited to see people using them with a pair of Acrylic Guide Discs.  Watching all of you get perfectly round cakes using this technique got the ECG thinking.  What if she wanted a perfectly Scalloped cake? or a greek column look?  So she went to work.

Introducing Evil Cake Genius Contour Frosting Guide Plates! We've taken inspiration from Origami Cakes and  Top-Forward cake designs to create intricate silhouettes from the same simple 2 disc technique.  Check it out below:

These bad boys will work with our contour combs as well as with a smooth scraper.  That means you can create cakes with both vertical and horizontal texture.  The ECG can't wait to see what you come up with!!  And for the love of God, can someone PLEASE use that Column Disc set to make a top-forward sun cake?  Preferably with a happy smiling sun face...pretty please?  Anyhoo, shop all the designs below, and TAG US on FB and Insta when you use them!  We can't wait to see what you make!

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