What Does The Fox Say? "It's time to start turning a profit on Cookies!"

The Evil Cake Genius has been there, so she knows.  Cookies are WAY too time consuming.  And while they will always be a favorite for Baby Showers, Birthday Parties, Wedding Showers and Weddings, that doesn't mean that you should be losing your cakey-ass every time you make them. It's time to get real.  Here's the two biggest things you're probably doing that are costing you time AND money.

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#1) Enough With The Pipe and Flood Already! 

Ain't nobody got time for that.  The ECG knows it. That's why when we shared our first cookie video showing our super fast cheat on Royal Icing your cookies, the video went mental. Fact is, you don't need to pipe a border around every cookie. Simply thin down your royal and dip those suckers! Your cookies will be frosted in a fraction of the time. Maybe you can take up a new hobby, like, I dunno', sleeping more than 2 hours per night. Check out the video below, and you can even download our FREE Cookie Tutorial for future reference.

 #2) No more Hand-piping. Period. 

Hand-piping is beautiful. It's also incredibly time consuming, and inconsistent.  Stencil, stencil, stencil! You'll get a more uniform look, and it will cut your time down so much that you might even make a few bucks on the cookie order. Watch us make these crazy-adorable Fox and Raccoon cookies with our new stencil set, and then go ahead, check out all of our Cookie Stencils to see the endless possibilities of making cookies without taking the vow of poverty (save that for the friars, brown is NOT your color).

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