Move over Coco...The Dressy McCake Combs Are Here!

Honey, you ain't a cake decorator unless you've made the Barbie Cake.  Sorry...just, nope.  So when faced with frosting a perfectly smooth curved dress skirt with a perfectly straight spatula?  Panic!! Run Away!!!  Nope, never fear...the ECG is here!  

Our Dressy McCake Combs make dress cakes a breeze!  Sized perfectly to the contour of the Wilton Wonder Mold Pan stacked on a single 9" round cake layer (so that Barbie's freakishly long legs can fit in the cake) these combs make perfectly smooth, or striped skirts!  Go ahead, let your frosting hand wobble a bit, and you have a ruffled skirt!!  Coco Chanel's got nothin' on you! 


And as always, the Evil Cake Genius had to have these for herself!  Check out this video of how we put some much needed clothing on a couple of under-dressed girls.

And as always, we just had to play with our other favorite toys!  Our Edible Fabric bows and sashes were stenciled with our gorgeous Belgian Lace Full Mesh Stencil.  Flowers were cut with our Primrose Plunger Cutters, the sweet heart necklines on the frosting bodices were cut using our Nora Frame Cutters and the edible pearls were added using our super sexy DrageeKiss...pew, pew, pew!

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