Quickie Buttercream Flowers

Ditch the Flower Nail.  Hell, ditch the flower tips!!  The ECG is here to free your buttercream soul and blow your cakey mind with Beautiful Fantastical Buttercream Flowers that look amazing, and can turn any buttercream cake into a masterpiece in under 6 minutes.

The best part is, that you probably already own at least some of the tips we used to make this sweetie.  But just in case, we've listed them below, and even put together a comprehensive kit of MORE than you need to get this look.

Now check out how easy and fast it was to decorate this cake, using some of our favorite giant buttercream tips.  We've even put together a set of our favorite quickie buttercream flower tips to give you the full set used in this video, plus 10 other must-have tips for this easy style of decorating.

Shop all the good stuff:

This cake tasted even better than it looked!  Get our Passion Cake Recipe HERE