We've got a lot of balls 

Yup, it takes a lot of balls to be a cake decorator these days ????

But seriously, when the EGC started seeing these fabbo cakes decorated with different sized balls, she loved them. What she didn't love was the process of molding two pieces of chocolate and having to piece them together.  So she did a little research, and found these amaze-balls one-step chocolate ball molds!

It's simple. Melt some candy coating, tint it with some Candy Color, fill the molds, chill (literally, and figuratively) and unmold perfect little spheres!  We've even got metallic Airbrush Colors for Chocolate and Poppy Paints so that you can make them metallic, or if you want to go Balls Out, roll them in some Jewel Dust Edible Glitter!  The molds are heat-safe so you can use them with Isomalt Nibs for Bejeweled Balls too!  And don't forget...for Cocoa Bombs and Larger Balls, we still have the half-sphere molds.  Check out all 3 Ball-tacular molds below:

And Here are the larger half-sphere, and oooh!! Cube Molds:

And All the other must-have stuff:

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