Eat your Crayons!
It's tough to be a kid.  So many rules...Don't pull that dog's tail, don't cut your brother's hair, don't eat your crayons.  
Enough!  The ECG is here to right one of the great injustices of kid-dom!  No, we're not advocating tail pulling, or home spa days for 5 year olds, but we ARE taking back Crayon Eating!!
  You know, when you're in the midst of the finest drawing ever rendered of your house, complete with smiling sun and rainbow?  And you're feeling it..really feeling it.  You are an artist, nay, you are ART!  It's consuming you, your passion for rendering the perfect puff of smoke from the chimney.  So much that you, you just, need to eat your crayons!
Or maybe you're just a dumb kid who thought the red crayon might taste like cherry candy.

Either way, we got you covered!  Our new Edible Crayons are completely edible.  So you can draw beautiful Art Pastel illustrations on Royal Icing, Fondant, and Gum Paste, or you can hand them over to a group of tiny "starving" artists along with a dozen cookies, and let 'em do their worst!

One Caveat: Paste eating is still uncool.

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