Edible Cross Stitch and Needlepoint Fabric

The ECG has never had the patience for Sewing. Especially Needlepoint and Cross Stitch.  Given that her mom is an Evil Sewing Genius, it must skip a generation. That's why we're pretty excited about our new Edible Cross Stitch Fabric.  It looks just like the real thing, but instead of stabbing your fingers with a needle until you have no nerve endings left, you can just pipe frosting stitches!  

And the sheets of this stuff are ginormous!  One set of two sheets is enough to cover 30 2-3/4" cookies.  Cut it to fit on Cookies or any cake tier.  Then, pipe over it with tiny cross-stitches, or if you're lazy like the ECG, fill in with dots for a "close enough...what do I look like, Martha Stewart?" look.  Either way, they'll be kicking ten kinds of ass at the Cookie Exchange this year.

Now check out Evil Cake Minion Jenna using this stuff for the first time!


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