Learn how to stencil like an Evil Cake Genius!
(these techniques will work with any acrylic stencils, not just ours)
STEP #1: Download the Step-by-Step Picture Tutorial here and read it. Be sure to read the part about our super popular "tulle" hack. It will save you TONS of headaches!
THEN: Watch the 30 Second Video Below and make note of how we use the parchment.
WHEN you're done watching, MOVE ON TO STEP #2 below to really stencil like a pro!

 STEP #2: Make your stenciling super easy with Parchment AND Tulle together!
As we talked about in your printable picture tutorial (you did read it, right?) tulle should be used when it's important to hold your stencil firmly to the cake and to avoid edges popping off the cake. This minimizes pattern mistakes and helps avoid damage to your stencil.
Now, watch how these two work together. We're using our Diamond Stripe Stencil in this video.

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