Designer Holiday Treats...Geniused

The ECG knows the Holidays are busy.  She also knows that there's no better way to spread cheer, than with CHOCOLATE!! So she's come up with some great ways to elevate some easy holiday standards without increasing the time or stress-level it takes to make them. 

Let's start with Almond Bark

This Christmas Gifting Standard has never been easier, now that Mercken's and Clasen's have developed Chocolate Coating that requires NO TEMPERING, and still has the rich texture and taste of a fine chocolate.  Melt it in the microwave, mix in nuts, crushed candy canes, dried fruit, whatever gourmet option  you like, spread it on parchment, then break it up.  Simple.  But skip the parchment, and replace it with one of our gorgeous Chocolate Transfer Sheets, and you've just WON THE HOLIDAYS!!!

Seriously....simple and Squeeee-worthy!

Now, let's talk Hot Chocolate Bombs.

The ECG loves these as gifts.  But she's not fond of the fuss that goes into making them with a traditional half-sphere mold.  That's why she was super excited to find these adorable pinecone molds!  Simply fill the mold with melted coating, dump them out to leave a hollow shell, set them up in the fridge, fill them with Cocoa and mini marshmallows, and close up the top with melted coating.  Once they've set up, they pop out of the flexible mold beautifully!  

Or how about a little grown-up version from one of the best cake decorators on the planet?  Our good friend Dawn, of Dinkydoodle Designs did these!

If you're in the UK or EU, you can buy the mold from Dawn to avoid shipping costs from the US!!



Here are just a few of our favorite products for these fabulous treats.  Or shop all Chocolate Transfer Sheets HERE All Coating Varieties HERE and All Holiday Chocolate Molds HERE

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