It's time for another installation of "Why didn't we think of that?" Our favorite new products that we can't believe we lived without for so long.  And this group is just full of face-palmingly brilliant tools that you need to have RIGHT NOW!!
Let's start with the Water Brush.  Brilliant!!! 

Anyone who works with fondant or gum paste knows that you're constantly wetting it to get pieces to stick together for decorating cakes or making gum paste flowers.  And if you've been decorating as long as the ECG, you've spilled the cup of water you were using to wet the brush all over the cake, the flower petals, the table, the floor, and yourself.  Well, check this little beauty out...just fill the handle with water, give it a light squeeze and the water flows right over the bristles.  No cups, no spills, no s*$%#!  How often can you solve one of life's most annoying things for under six bucks?  You're welcome.

While we're on the fondant/sugar paste topic.  Let's move onto sugar paste rollers.  

The ECG can't live without hers.  From fondant ribbons to ruffles, to gum paste petals, and don't forget our method for Perfect Fondant Corners, we're constantly running things through our sugar paste roller.  But especially when rolling those long pieces for ribbons and cake sides, the sugarpaste tends to pile up and stick to itself before we can grab it to straighten it out.  That's because you need one hand for feeding the sugarpaste into the roller, one hand to catch the sugar paste exiting the roller, and one hand to crank the roller.  If you're any good at math and/or biology, you know that that leaves us one hand short...until now!!!  Check out this Electric Sugar Paste Roller and Cutter!!  It leaves you with two hands to feed and catch the sugar paste and get on with your life!

And in case you haven't seen our Perfect Fondant Corners technique, here you go:

Okay, here's the final Fondant Fave tool of this installation. 

  We're constantly cutting out fondant pieces to applique onto tiers.  That's why we're super embarassed that we didn't come up with these Geometric Multi Cutters.  One cut equals 10-20 diamonds, triangles, hexagons, and more!  Each set comes with three different sizes of the same shape, so you're sure to have just the right size for any design.

Okay, let's move onto some piping!

 Ever notice how it's easier to pipe on the top of a cake than on the sides? Of course it can let the icing flow out of the tip without touching the tip to the cake until you're ready to make a sharp turn.  If you have shakey hands like the ECG, once you try to pipe on the side of a tier, where the tip has to be making contact with the cake in order for it to stick, your piping looks like you just chugged a gallon of espresso and are decorating while perched on top of a washer during the spin cycle.


  Well, thank the folks over at PME for their Tilting Turntable.  It angles the cake so that the side of the tier is at a nice 45 degree angle, so you can get that gravity working for you again! The ECG uses hers for other decorating too...keeps her from having to slouch down to see the sides of the tier as she's working on them.  And at a mere $49.95, that's a whole lot cheaper than a trip to the Chiropractor.  

 Buttercream peeps!!! We haven't forgotten about you!! 

You love our Contour Combs and Double Sided & Two Tone Stripe combs for amazing buttercream cakes, now check out these new Twist Twist Nozzles for decorating lush cupcakes and ruffling the crap out of the top of any cake!  They're made by PME, and just like their incredible Supatube Tips, they're stainless steel, so no rusting, no chipping, just pure, fluffy, piping joy!!

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