Our Galactic Birthday Cake Stencils Are Out Of This World!

Out of this world Galactic Birthday Set is a must have for any decorator!

A long time ago in a galaxy not so far away, a must have birthday cake was born.  And thanks to George Lucas and a pretty sweet movie deal, this cakey trend is back, and it's going to be around for quite some time.
The Evil Cake Genius,  faced with a long list of Star Wars Cakes, and the prospect of piping the thousands of tiny dots that it would take to make this Cakey Galaxy was faced with a dilemma.   The Force was not strong with her piping hand, so she turned to The Dark Side and created our new Tiny Dots Stencils to create all of those tiny points of light with one swipe of her Spatula Saber...


Drunk with her new-found power, she didn't stop there!  She cranked up the Throttle on her Starfighter to create the new Star Warp Stencils creating the look of light speed stars at, well...almost light speed!

Galactic Star Warp

Now, knowing that most of you would probably be using these new tools of the Dark Side for Birthday cakes, she went full-Vader on a Galactic Happy Birthday Plaque in two sizes just to keep you as happy as a Wookie with a cupcake. (Little known fact...big cupcake fans, Wookies)

Galactic Star Warp

But that's not all!  She had to create a weapon of such enormous power that it would obliterate any lingering birthday cake difficulties.  So she combined the three stencils into our Galactic Birthday Complete Stencil Sets

Galactic Star Warp


Oh, and when the Dark Side brings you child upon child who needs a BB8 birthday cake this year, check out our Spherical Miracle Cake Combs.  Get perfectly frosted spheres, you will.

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