Gift Box Cake Contour Combs!

The latest in our line of "I can't believe I didn't think of that" Cakey Contour Combs has arrived!
We're not gonna say that this comb makes cakes frost themselves, but it's damn close! 

The comb is contoured to create a perfect "box lid" lip right out of buttercream as you frost the cake.  One easy step to a perfectly level buttercream frosted cake with a lid!  Leave the fondant in the cupboard kids, while you're at it, leave the rolling pin, the ruler, the right angle, craft knife, and all the other little odds and ends that make creating a Gift Box or Hat Box cake the stuff of migranes.

These bad boys are sized to work perfectly for a 4" tall or a 6" tall tier, and they can handle any size or shape tier.  Frost a square for a pristine present, a hexagon or a round tier for a happy little hat box...whatever you choose, you'll flip your lid (sorry, had to do it) over how quickly buttercream or ganache transforms a cake into a perfect present.

 Ready to get your gift on? Watch how easy it is:  

Just warm the Stainless Steel Combs under hot water and

Buttercream and Ganache transform with a few spins on the turntable.

 Now Watch how we made the ribbon flowers with our awesome Dinkydoodle Airbrush and our Acrylic Stencil Embossing Technique (don't have an airbrush? No problem, watch this video 


 If you haven't seen our Crisp Corners Cake Contour Combs, get mind ready to be blown....

You loved our Fabulous Facet get a load of these!!

Every decorator needs a set of these bad-boys!  You will never frost a cake the same way again.

Solid Stainless Steel, Designed by the ECG just for you (well, for her, but she's willing to share)

and manufactured in the USA.  This is it!  The easiest way to get those beautiful crisp corners and level tiers!  No terrifying maneuvering, no flipping cakes upside down...nope, the ECG is way to faint-hearted for that!

Just warm the Stainless Steel Combs under hot water and

Buttercream and Ganache transform with a few spins on the turntable.

Don't believe us?  Check out this video of The ECG herself, trying

these babies out for the first time.



CAKE TIERS OF ANY DIAMETER!  But don't worry!  Your cakes don't need to be 4" or 6" tall.

For a 5" tier, simply set the tier on a 1" tall footed cake plate.  For smaller adjustments, the Evil One

uses her Tougher than Hell 1/4" acrylic plates to adjust the cake height so that there is about a quarter

inch of frosting on the top of the finished cake.  Don't sweat's all covered in the photo tutorial

that comes with each set.


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And get your mind blown by our our Spherical Miracle Contour Combs!

They frost a perfect Sphere so fast it's just kinda'wrong.

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