Guide to Edible Metallics 

Yup.  There's nothing sexier on cakes and desserts than metallics.  But navigating the edible from the inedible, what to use on Chocolate vs. Cake vs. Cookies for stenciling, painting, airbrushing...the ECG's noggin' is aching just typing this, so she's just going to lay out a guide to all things edible and metallic.  So here it is our guide to MetEdible stuff.


Whether you're using Acrylic or Mesh Stencils, the answer is our Metallic Royal Icing Mix.  This stuff is mega-shiny, and acts like a Royal Icing should.  It dries hard so you can stencil all the way around a tier without smearing what you stenciled earlier.

Cake Drip

Our ECG Metallic Royal Icing thins down to make a great cake drip as well!  Alternatively, we've just picked up Dinkydoodle's Melt and Use Metallic Cake Drips.  Just microwave and drip.  


We love the edible lustres by Sweet Sticks.  They are the perfect way to dust chocolates or other desserts to create a super metallic look.  And we've just added Dinkydoodle's edible dusts to the mix.  These dust onto chocolate as well as blending with melted Cocoa Butter to create a paint for chocolate.  

And just look what they do when you dust a chocolate mold with them before filling it! 


Painting on cookies, macarons, royal icing, fondant, even buttercream, is a breeze with both Sweet Sticks Metallic paints, and our very own ECG IncrEdible Metallic paints.  They even roll onto debossed cookies with a Lil' Rolly!

Painting on Chocolate

Ordinary confectionery paints simply don't work on Chocolate.  They bead up, and won't stick.  That's why we love Poppy Paints!  They're specially formulated for chocolate, and dry practically indestructable!  Want to airbrush instead?  Our ECG Airbrush Colors work on fondant, buttercream, royal icing, and yessssss...Chocolate!!

Piping & Flooding

Cookie peeps, we haven't forgotten about you!!  For piping on cakes or cookies, our Evil Cake Genius Metallic Royal Icing Mixes get the job done in one step...beautiful metallic with no painting required.  And thin them down with a few drops of water, and they flood cookies like a champ!

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