Hand Painted Holiday Cookies

The ECG believes that Christmas Cookies should be as fun to make as they are to eat.  That's why she's on a personal mission to get as many of you minions to try hand-painting your cookies this year.  It's fun, it's gorgeous, and you can even do it with kids!  Let's start with this little Snowman...

He's perfect inside these adorable Snowglobe Cookies (even if we're a little bit worried about him melting himself with that lantern). Yeah, yeah, we know... he's gonna get eaten. He's Stenciled in Black Royal Icing, and painted with a mixture of our Christmas Stained Glass Petal Dust and Cooking oil so that the Black Royal Icing won't smear if you brush over it...genius! 



It's just that easy!!!  Now check out a few other easy cookie painting stencils:

Want a fun holiday party activity?  Do the stenciling in advance, and bring a set of paintbrushes and these new Paint Your Own Water Activated Luster Paint Tabs to the party.  Your guests can paint their own cookies.  Hooray!

Here's everything you need:

Now, many of you have asked how the ECG gets her sugar cookies to bake so perfectly smooth and flat. Did she meet the Devil at a Crossroads and decide that she wasn't cut out to be a blues guitar player, so instead, she'd get the secret recipe for perfect cookies every time? Damn, that would be cool! But instead, she happens to have married into a family with that very recipe! Not sure exactly where, or how Grandma Harriett acquired this recipe, best not to ask. Rather...enjoy!

So now you've got some secret weapons for this year's cookie season. Or DO YOU?  Maybe, just maybe, the ECG has done a little sprinkle shopping lately. Check out all of the new sexy sprinkles and sanding sugars HERE  And we've got loads of new Holiday Cookie Stencils and Cookie Cutters just in time for the Holidays!