Hand Painting Made Easy

The Evil Cake Genius is a cake decorator.  She is unequivocally NOT a painter.  That's why, when she had customers with beautiful water color inspirations for their cakes, she created her very own "paint by number" mesh stencils.  It's easy...the stencils create an outline that she can paint in with petal dusts mixed with alcohol (for fast-drying) or cooking oil (for longer dry time/super easy blending.)

Scroll down to see some of our favorite hand-painting outline stencils for cakes and cookies, and do yourself a favor...try out this fun, relaxing technique for yourself!

But, first...take a look at our newest hand painting outline stencils, created for her neice's wedding cake. 

Just watch how easy this was to make!!

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Or try this fun technique with any of our Hand Painting outline stencils for cakes and even Christmas Cookies!!