Holiday Stripe Stencil Collection

The ECG Loves a good buttercream stripe cake.  There's nothing more satisfying the moment when those perfect stripes emerge from a mess of buttercream. But, the ECG bores easily, so she decided that she needed to up her stripe game.  And what better way, than with her favorite technique...stenciling!

Holiday Stripe Stencil and Comb Combos

Our new Holiday Stripe Stencils coordinate perfectly with some of our favorite Two Tone Stripe Combs.  Each stencil lists the combs that they line up with in their product description, but to be honest, they're cute enough on their own.  To stripe, or not to stripe...that is a question that each Evil Cake Minion must decide for themselves.

But, pause for a minute, and take a closer look at those super shiny green trees on this cake by Wonderful Whitty Cakes.  Brace yourself for a Christmas Miracle...those trees were neither airbrushed, nor hand painted!  They were stenciled using our Metallic Pearl Royal Icing Mix! can be tinted any color and stenciled, piped, or dripped onto any cake, and it's SUPER SHINY!!!

Meanwhile, we're just going to leave all of these amazing products right here.


Forgot how amazing our stripe combs are? Check out the video:

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