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Everybody knows that some of the most simple looking cakes can be deviously difficult to execute.  Today, we're going to address the number one offender...the horizontal stripe cake.  The Evil Cake Genius has been there herself. Trying to get a wiggly strip of fondant to defy gravity and lay perfectly straight and horizontal around a round cake tier has brought the best of us to the brink of madness.   And while we still haven't developed our cake decorating anti-gravity chamber (give us a few years), we HAVE solved this nagging problem once and for all.

Allow The Evil Cake Genius to introduce you to your new best friends...our new line of Horizontal Stripe Mesh Stencils.

These bad boys wrap tight against the cake, and in one beautiful swipe, you've stenciled an entire tier.  That's the beauty of these...they're faster, and the results are perfectly even spaced, perfectly straight stripes.

How often do you get to use something that is not only better, but faster too?


No cutting out fondant strips, no measuring, marking, praying, crying, swearing...you get it.

But don't take our word for it... Check out the video evidence!

Here's the ECG herself trying out the Half Inch Horizontal Stripe Mesh Stencil for the first time.

It's just that easy!!!  We're using very thin Royal Icing.  No fancy, expensive icing mixes.

And if you want to do colors other than black, just replace about 1/2 the water in your Royal Icing with Liquid Gel Whitener (Bright White) before tinting it the color you'd like (we chose coral for this sweet little stripey ribbon).

The whitener makes the Royal Icing Opaque so your stripes will show up perfectly even and vibrant.

And ready for the best part?  It's a Mesh Stencil, so the Icing that get's through the mesh is ultra-thin and flexible.

So flexible that as soon as the stenciling is dry to the touch, you can bend and manipulate the striped fondant into curls, ribbons, even a sweet little bow! Too good to believe? Nope. Here's video evidence for you skeptics.

So what are you waiting for?  Try something new this cake decorating season...see the sun, reintroduce yourself to your family, start writing that cakey novel. The Evil Cake Genius isn't going to tell you what to do with your newfound spare time, she's just gonna say "You're Welcome."

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