Hot Hands or No, you're gonna love this stuff!
Modeling Chocolate is one of the Evil Cake Genius's must have tools in her decorating arsenal.  She used it for the first time when she did her first Food Network Challenge to make a giant red glove holding up her Sam I Am Dr. Seuss Cake.  It was like magic!  It would hold shape on the armature, and blend into the base of the glove as she added each subsequent finger onto the glove.  Like magic!  No sagging, no elephanting, no cracking, it did things that fondant could never do!  But under the lights in a television studio, it did one other thing that fondant never melted into a greasy mess!  The  ECG found herself dipping her hands into ice water to keep the chocolate paste from deteriorating before her very eyes.  Just the kind of cakey nightmare she'd been having since she signed up for Challenge a month before.
 After returning home, she learned to mix her chocolate paste equal parts with fondant, which helped with the melting, but made it incredibly difficult to smooth seams whenever adding more chocolate paste to whatever it was she was sculpting.  Not ideal, but not much in this business is.

It wasn't until she hired Jenna that the modeling chocolate shortcomings became more than just a nuisance.  Ya' see....Jenna has hot hands.  Well, not so much hot hands, as normal hands...the ECG never realized that her own hands were freakishly cold.  Any of her Evil Minions couldn't work with chocolate paste without it getting shiny, greasy, and sticky...even with the fondant mixed in.

  Just when she thought all hope was lost, she stumbled upon the oh-so-appropriately-named Hot Hands Modeling Chocolate.

This stuff is fab!  It holds up to Jenna and the other minions' fire-hands, but STILL blends seamlessly.  Not sure how that can be possible, but the ECG has found it best to just accept without question when the Cakey Gods deliver a miracle.  

Just to be sure that we weren't hallucinating from too much powdered sugar on the brain, we did a head to head (well, hand to hand) comparison using Miss Hot Hands, Jenna.  Check out the video below.

And, as always, we used our favorite Poppy Paints for Chocolate to paint the details on our two Snowmen.  If you haven't tried these magical fast drying chocolate paints, you're missing out!

And want to see how this stuff blends seamlessly?  Check out this video by the ridiculously talented Liz over at Sugar Geek Show guessed it...Hot Hands Modeling Chocolate to make one of her insane sculpted pieces!

So whether you're at Snowman level, or you've got those insane Liz Marek type skills, one thing is need this stuff in your kitchen. Stat.

So what are you waiting for?

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