The Imperial Cake Stencil Collection

Read on to hear more about the amazing Aty of Imperial Cake and see how this collection of stencils came about.  But first, take a look at the New Ayshin Hosta Leaves Collection.  This gorgeous cake has exploded on social media, and for good's fatabuliciously beautiful!  Funny thing about the stencil, though, is that it wasn't drawn by Aty at all.     Last year, the ECG was in the UK for Cake International, and more importantly, her annual Turkish Dinner FEAST at Aty's house, when she was paging through Aty's daughter Ayshin's sketch book.  When she saw this beautiful Ink Drawing, she knew it had to be a stencil, and Aty agreed.
Ayshin Hosta Leaves Mesh Stencils
This pattern, although drawn as an abstract, reminded the ECG of her garden Hostas, so she suggested the name "Ayshin Hosta Leaves" to which, Ayshin simply replied "Hosta la vista, baby".  We think that means she likes the name.
Aty stenciled her daughter's gorgeous pattern in our Evil Cake Genius Copper Royal Icing Mix, and topped the cake with something the ECG had never seen before...Rice Paper Sails.  Aty was more than happy to share her technique, and even make a video for us to share.  Genius...
*Our Rose Gold/Bronze Powder mixed with our Gold Powder and Vodka makes the perfect color to airbrush those Rice Paper toppers to match our Copper Royal Icing.
And here's a video of the stencil in action with that beautiful Edible Copper Royal Icing:

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imperial bow stencil collection
Art Nouveau Diamond by Imperial Cake
Imperial Cake stencils
Imperial Crown and Acanthus Leaf Stencils
 You already know that the Evil Cake Genius travels the globe to bring you the best products.   A favorite stop of hers is Cake International in the UK.  The best of the best are there to show off their stuff, and commune in all things cakey.  
But her favorite part of the show is extending her Cakey Family!  And over the years, she has met the most incredible designers, and just all around fabulous humans who have welcomed her crazy-ass into their bakeries, their homes and their lives.  And Atefeh, of Imperial Cakes in West Midlands, Willenhall is one of the family.
Here's a little pic of the ECG visiting her cake shop last November.  Think of your idyllic little British Storefront, and you've got Imperial Cake.  She does everything from cake pops to extravagant wedding cakes, and does them all with style.  Check out more of her amazing work on Imperial Cake's Facebook Page

And the best thing is, she uses our Evil Cake Genius Stencils!  The ECG saw lots of cake designs that she loved, but the ones that stood out the most were Atty's beautiful floral illustrations.  So with no further ado, we are thrilled to introduce the first set of stencils in our Imperial Cake Collection.  


These gorgeous Magnolia Patterns are beautiful enough to stand on their own stenciled in a Charcoal Grey as Atty did, but we are DYING to stencil them in Metallic Gold, and CANNOT WAIT to stencil them in white and use them as a guideline to hand-paint those gorgeous Magnolias.  If you haven't tried our hand-painting outline stencils yet, check out this video of Jenna trying out our Classic Rose Outlines for the first time below:

But not only did Imperial Cake come through with some stunning floral pattern stencils, she also designed a perfectly Swashy Monogram Alphabet set to go with it!  
The Swash Monogram Alphabet has perfectly swashy, dare-we-say Swash-errific letters that are made to intertwine into unique monograms.    They are gorgeous on their own, but surronded by one of Atty's Magnolia Bloom Wreaths  they're absolutely stunning!  But these designs are just the tip of the Iceberg of Awesome that is Imperial Cake!  She has designed everything from  Multi-layer Peony stencils to adorable stitch stencils, and there are more on the way!  So check them all out HERE and check back in the coming weeks for loads more stencils to inspire  your spring and summer cakes!

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