You can now have your Fabulous, and eat it too!!
You know the ECG loves her some sparkle.  Unicorns, Pixie Dust, Rupaul...anywhere there is glitter, she is HOME.  But like all things in this imperfect world, there was give and take.  She could have legit glitter OR edible "glitter" but she couldn't have her glitter and eat it too.
Well Hallelujiah, it's raining Unicorns, Pixies and Drag Queens over here!!! Introducing Jewel Dust.  The completely EDIBLE glitter that is as sparkly as Disco Dust, but you can eat the stuff by the spoonful!  Aaaand, yes, the ECG already has.
Finally, Glitterbomb cupcakes and Cookies that you can serve to people you actually like!  This stuff is stupidly sparkly, and covers like a dream!  We didn't even tint the frosting under the glitter.
Just check out the video of us having a play with Cupcakes!  

Sound too good to be true?  Full disclosure...
Like real glitter, this stuff is invasive.  It will make your cakes, cupcakes and chocolates Fabulous, but be prepared for incidentally sparkly floors, tables, hair, clothes, ears, and lungs.  The ECG used the stuff yesterday, and is still having Disney Princess Sneezes...magical!


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