From Nuisance to "No Problem"

The ECG has always hated last-minute orders.  She hates the idea of turning down the money, but REALLY hates producing cakes the LOOK like they've been thrown together.  So, she decided to fix it.  See how these 4 tips will change your view of the dreaded Last-Minute Order

1) Message Plaque Stencils

These little sets have been a life-saver for the ECG.  She stencils 3 or 4 of each of these on Gum Paste when she has a few extra minutes, and when she gets a last minute cake order she can plunk one of these bad-boys on top, and doesn't have to spend a second making messages.  Best part is, they come in sets by season, so you can stock up on plaques in anticipation of a coming holiday.  Check out how easy they are to make:

2) Our Favorite Quickie Buttercream Combs

So,  you don't always have time to whip up multiple colors of buttercream for a striped cake, check out these super-fast, one color cake comb options that have just as much impact!

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3) Quickie Buttercream Flower Tips

This is the absolute easiest way to make a last-minute masterpiece.  Ditch the Flower Nail, and get yourself an arsenal of Twist-Twist, Sultan, and XL Fluted Tips, and you'll be cranking out last-minute cakes in...well, MINUTES! Check out the video, then scroll down to shop our favorite quickie tips!

Video PROOF:

4) Metallic and Ready Melt & Use Cake Drips:

Cake Drip is super trendy, and can be a really fast way to add detail to any cake IF YOU DO IT RIGHT! First of all, invest in some Melt and Use Cake Drips.  No wasting time mixing up a batch of Ganache, and trying to tint it at last minute.  These bottles are ready to roll, just melt and use, and they store perfectly for future use. 

But what about those pesky Metallic Drips?  STOP!  Don't waste time dripping, then painting!  Our Evil Cake Genius Metallic Royal Icing can be used as a one step metallic cake Drip! Feast your eyes:

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